Car Maintenance

Just a random story, not saying it happened to me or anyone I know: A boy and a girl were walking through the woods. They sat on a rock for a while, and then decided to walk back to the car before it got really dark. The boy gallantly says, "Let me go first, I have better footing." No sooner does he say this then WHAM! he's twisted half around, and fallen, sprawled out, onto a rock and in a pile of leaves.

The girl was nice enough to make sure none of his bones were broken before she laughed.


Today was car maintenance day. I had four new tires put on my car and the alignment adjusted. $400 later, I have better traction. Then I had my oil changed and the good people at Meineke in Monroe fixed my exhaust pipes so they wouldn't be so loud. Apparently there are two exhaust pipes under the hood of my car, and both were broken. Or something like that. And my power steering is crappy (I'm developing carpal tunnel trying to get out of my driveway every morning, and the car goes "uuuuuuuggggg" when I try to turn) so they tinkered with that, too. I tried not to ask too many questions because it all makes my head spin. What I do understand is this: I need a new car. Maybe in the spring. They didn't charge me for the repairs they made, though (cute smile, big boobs... works every time!)

Jen made me dinner (Thanks! The chicken was fantastic!) and now I have to shower to get the tire store/fried chicken smell out of my hair. It's such a gross smell.