Bruising Grandma

Grandma has a huge gash in her right shin. It's bleedy looking, like it won't heal, and the edges are turning deep blacks and purples. The swelling is highly noticeable, so she's been icing it for the past few days. This swelling has also spread to her ankle, about four inches below where she actually got hurt. She is heading to the walk in later. This injury was caused by me not shutting a drawer in my bathroom. She didn't see it when she went in there (though, to my credit, she neglected to turn on the light), and she tripped over it, and then she fell into another drawer i left open. In addition to her leg, there was the bottle incident. This bottle is a huge jug of strawberry daquiri mix someone (Byron) left there at my party. When she opened the door to get some fishsticks, it dropped out and cut her finger open (plus it made a huge mess of glass and icy sugar syrup on the floor). So grandma is getting pretty banged up because of me, and I now feel like the most horrible granddaughter. I told her as much, and she told me "Don't worry about it, sweets!"