My Goddamn Play

Doing tech at the Downtown Cabaret Theater, I was staying late one night, two days before opening night. I overheard a production meeting, and one of the producers said to the director "I just don't like this". The director (who is a huge guy, by the way) stands up and bellows "I'M THE DIRECTOR! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY I DIRECT, FIRE ME! UNTIL YOU FIRE ME, I'M STILL THE GODDAMN DIRECTOR, AND WE'RE DOING IT MY WAY!" It was totally awesome! Broadway at it's best!

I say that to say this: it's my play. Tim told me the other day I was defensive, and I guess I am about certain things; this is one of them. This life, my life, it's my goddamn play! We're doing it my way, and if I make a mistake, it'll be my mistake, and as long as I don't die suddenly, there will still be tomorrow to change things around and make the next Act kick ass! My mother can tell you as much. I forget exactly what she says, but something like "No one's telling Amber how to live her life".

On the flip side, if I call you my friend, I appreciate your advice. And your support. And your ass-kicking boots. God, do I ever appreciate your ass-kicking boots.

So, now, about last night.

The details are mundane at best, but Emily, Damian, Robert and I all wound up at one table at open mic night last night. Robert (previously known as *unkind names deleted to save dignity* is back, hanging out with me, because he wants to be my friend. It almost feels like I should be analyzing this way more than I am, but I don't feel the need to, and I'm not going to because, all together now, IT'S MY GODDAMN PLAY! very good!) I was freaking out a bit before hand, because I wasn't sure how that all was going to go down, but it ended up being a lovely evening. Robert actually "open mic"ed with his electric guitar, and Damian didn't have to use his ass-kicking boots (but he wore them, just in case, and let me tell you, you do NOT want to have to get beat down by D Bro when he's got on his ass-kicking boots; those things are serious!). Emily was... Emily. Love that girl. I really do. Everything was fine, nothing was ruined.

Tonight I'm going to Byrons and we're going out for Karaoke. Since I've had "Rocket Man" by Elton John stuck in my head for the past week, I think I'll sing that one.