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Lesson learned. Hooters makes me uncomfortable.

I've never been to a Hooters before yesterday, and never had a desire to go, but SOMEone decided it would be funny to have me there (plus the wings are really good). So I went, and the first thought I had was "My God! They really DO dress like that!" I was honestly floored. They have these bitty orange shorts kind of things that don't actually have any legs to them at all. Kind of like glorified underwear. They go up their bums, and on top they wear wicked tight tank tops that say "Hooters" on them. I guess I'm the only person who didn't know that. I've seen "Hooters girls" in the movies, but I thought it was a Hollywood embellishment. Not so much.

When the waitress came up to the table, I was very conscious about looking her in the eye. People had their kids there, which I have a hard time with. I can't imagine taking my six year old boy to Hooters to see, well, Hooters! On the beach it's one thing; it's EXPECTED. There it's just unabashed objectification of women, and I'm not even a major feminist. I guess some people can argue that these are liberated women because they can dress however they please, but I don't think so; these girls were really young and cute, and using their young and cuteness to get more tips. Gross. I honestly find that gross. And I'm not some sort of moral prude (plenty of people can back that up, but they WON'T because my mother sees this!). I simply think that it seems a little backwards for 2004.

Or it's all in good fun, and I'm out of date.