No Sleep 'Til...

This quilt over at makes me incredibly happy.


Provided there isn't anything atrocious in the lease, we will sign it tomorrow, and get the keys. And then I will live in Brooklyn.

It's not a bad neighborhood where we're moving, but it has a reputation of being tough, and, although it's becoming more culturally mixed, it is still predominantly, um... Bee-El-Aye-Cee-Kay. And while a lot of the residents welcome change and mixing, there are some who would rather have the neighborhood stay just the way it is, thank you very much. Hopefully we'll fit in. We're nice.

Now I have to pack. Bleck! But I'm excited, too.

Update: My something fun to rock you into the weekend! I nearly forgot!

Thanks to this fucking scene in 27 Dresses, I've had "Benny and the Jets" stuck in my head for almost 2 weeks. It plays in a loop in my head and comes bursting out of me, with accompanying dance moves, at the most socially awkward times. I sing it to the dogs, and I sing it in the shower. I almost started singing it in the middle of sex two days ago, but I stopped myself just in time. (I'm sorry, Rob.)(And no, I'm not kidding, either.)

I hear this song in my sleep.

Have a great weekend!