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One of my favorite things in the world is when people take the paws of dogs (or the hands of babies) and make them wave. This video has a dog waving! It warms my heart! And the rest of it is super adorable, too, because who doesn't love Thom Felicia?! I want to live in his lake house!

video here


Tino escaped Sunday, as he does occasionally. I didn't start to panic because normally I can find him in under a minute; he sometimes likes to saunter down the street smelling what's up in the nabe, and when I catch him, he's all, "Oh, hey mom! Beautiful day to be strolling along, huh? Glad you could join me."

I've been trying to train him that outside of the gate = bad! by hollering when I catch him, and I think it's sinking in, as he's been escaping less frequently, and not going too far when he does.

Yesterday, though, he was long-gone, to the point that I was driving down the street frantically calling his name and tearfully offering vast sums of money to passers-by if they found him.

Turns out he was next door trying desparetly to dig his way back into our yard. When he saw Rob he came running, and allowed himself to be scooped up and carried home.

I'm glad he's learning he belongs with us.

It was 10 minutes of sheer terror for me, and when he was finally home safe, I broke down on the couch. Tino came over and was all, "Oh, hey mom. I'm sorry. I was scared, too!" while Rob patted my back.

I really love these stupid dogs.


We signed a lease on Saturday, and will be slowly moving in this week and next. I'm having the place professionally cleaned and painted first, we're having a landscaper come and level the over-grown weeds in the backyard, and we're hiring movers. I have no energy to be DIY!

I'm pretty excited, but I will miss my beautiful little house, too. But, you know. Onward.