No Boobs, Just Bullets

This is the "banned from American television"* ad, featuring Eva Mendes. It shows a tiny portion of one nipple, for one second, hence the banning. It's ridiculous to me that a woman's breast is taboo but networks are allowed to broadcast shows where people get shot; where you can actually see the shooting, and the agony, and the blood spilling, all right on prime time. It seems backwards and unhealthy to me.

As for me, I'd rather have my children exposed to mammaries than bullets (although I do acknowledge that this ad is sexual in nature, and THAT is not appropriate for children, but that has little to do with the nip-slip and more to do with the rolling around, heavy voice, and mussed hair. Which? Hawtness. I want to be Eva Mendes.)

I don't like to think that, as a society, we're moving into a place where nipples = bad but murder = a-ok. That scares me.

* edit: I put "banned from American television" in quotes because I don't think anyone ever reasonably expected this to go on TV.