Sears Suxors

Sunday I got my oil changed at Sears. I highly recommend you do not.

Us: You forgot to reset the oil change countdown.
Them: We don't know how. Do you have the owners manual?
Us: You don't know how?! How come you don't have the manual?!
Them: This year's instruction book isn't out yet. (Our car is a 2007...)
Us: Can't you look it up?
Them: The dealerships are closed on Sunday.
Us: How about online?
Them: We don't have access to the dealer's internet stuff.
Us: Internet. THE INTERNET.
Them: We can't access dealer's files!

No kidding: we did it ourselves using Google on my iPhone.

Is the rest of the world REALLY that technologically in the dark? I know not everyone owns an iPhone, of course, but when you're in a store that has internet access, plugging "HHR" "Oil reset" into Google should be a no-brainer.