In Matters of Laundry

I posted a pleading message on Brooklyn-based blog, asking for help in my apartment hunting, because we are switching gears in our real estate search and are looking for something to rent (by the way, I wrongly assumed it would be easier to find a rental than a, um, "buyal"? You know what I mean. It's not easier. It's a shady underworld of real estate, one where you have to go looking with your checkbook handy in case you see something you like, and you have to pray that there aren't rotted floor boards under that 50's linoleum flooring. No joke.) I posted a list of things I would need, and our budget, and was pretty much told, "It's not going to happen". (I was also told some rude things, too, because the Brownstoner is notorious for having some of the rudest people on the internet. I had to pick through the sarcastic and down-right hostile comments, which were hard to deal with when was merely asking a question. But I'm digressing.)

Anyway, since "something's gotta give" and it SURE AS HELL isn't going to be the trio, or their need for a backyard, I think it's going to be a washer and dryer. There are laundry services all over for people who would rather sit through a root canal than spend a day in a laundromat (me.) and I'm looking into them now, trying to convince myself that it's really ok to let someone else wash my laundry. I don't even let my husband touch my dirty laundry, and when I lived my grandmother and she insisted on folding my clean stuff, my head would explode. I have issues that I am, apparently, going to have to get over.