Day 4: The No Gulten, Alcohol, Sugar, Animal Product Cleanse

I got hit with a massive insomnia attack. Massive. I was up until four, when I fell lightly asleep, only to wake up at six thirty to take Rob to the train. I went back to bed and got up at eleven. It's not been the best day sleep-wise. I'm trying to figure out if it's because of my cleanse, and I think it might be that or the fact that we have diet coke in the house now, and I'm going overboard.

Aspargus! Why didn't anyone tell me that I would love it?! I'm so excited to be trying new veggies.

I also got a bit of temptation today. Emily came over and I made a cheese pizza for her. I didn't have any (I made a salad with my trusty olives), but I really, really wanted some. It's pretty hard, but I have an amazing motivator: I've lost about six pounds, and I feel amazing. (I demonstrated this to G. by pulling my newly-loose pants straight down, no unbuttoning or anything! Wahoo! Lookit my undies!)

There are a hundred reasons to break this cleanse, cheese and chocolate for two, but there isn't a brownie or slice of pizza in the world that tastes as good my slimming, fiber-filled body feels right now... and I've been to Max Brenner!

Dooce posted this video on her blog that illustrated how she felt around day four, and I can relate more than I'd like: