Tino Week

It's been a week and Tino is adjusting. We've had a lot of growling as everyone stakes out their territory, but no biting or fighting... THANK GOODNESS! Matty, though is more possessive of his food than ever. We're still doing the handfeeding every day, but I think this is going to be a long, hard road.

Tino has quit biting me if I touch his back, where he had surgery, but I'm not convinced he wouldn't bite someone else. He NEVER bites when I try to touch anywhere on his head, and this is a huge improvement. He's also very "clingy" to me, and hides behind me when other people at the vet approached him. I let one of the nurses take him for a walk around the building without me to meet other people, so he can practice not being so shy.

I still haven't found a suitable coat for him. I tried to put Leeloo's on him, but she took one look and went ape-shit, yelling about how it was hers and he couldn't have it.

Typical middle-child drama.

Over all, I really like him.