Shake It Like... Oh, You Know

I have a memory of sitting in my grandmother's front yard in the summer sometime in the mid-eighties (when I was Small) and being allowed to take a photo with my aunt's Polaroid camera. She demonstrated how to shake it (so not necessary... why DID we shake those photos anyway?) and admonished me to keep it face down as it developed. I would always sneak peeks as it formed, until I could FINALLY see what I'd captured. It always felt kind of magical.

I was just about to buy a OneStep (or, even better, an SX-70) off of eBay, because I've recently been really inspired by some Polaroid collections that I've found by different photographers (and I have VCBD... Vintage Camera Buying Disease).

While they stopped making the cameras years ago, the film was still available, but the company just announced that it won't be after 2009.