The decision has been made, and not without sentimental tears: we're putting our house on the market next month.


I'm gonna miss this house! It's seriously the cutest thing ever (have I mentioned my breakfast nook?!), and there's a lot of love here. I love being "Hey, wanna go to the movies in half an hour?" close to my girlfriends. I love that both of my grandmas are in town. I love the quadzillion parks in Trumbull for hiking around, and I love knowing everyone in Starbucks.

That said, I'm so over it, too. It's Connecticut. Not exactly happening night life here. There's only so much time, I'm guessing, anyway, before I become a Momma and will have to stay home and fashion my life around little ones. Right now, I want to party my ass off! That's hard to do in a town that shuts down at 10 pm.

The commute is brutal on Rob; we're out the door before 7am to get him on the train, and he has to endure a two-hour commute each way, on a train system that is increasingly expensive and inexcusably shitty. He's tired; I'm tired.

I'm sad and excited.