Smash Face

In a dream, if you loose teeth it means you feel you are being judged. The method they come out indicates how severely you perceive yourself to be judged, for instance, if you have a loose tooth you've probably gotten a slight disapproving glance from someone you admire, and it still stings a bit, where as if you fall off a building and your face smashes in, you're probably dealing with some heavy criticism.

In my dream last night, a large, muscular man had his hand wrapped around my hair in the back and was repeatedly slamming my face into the kitchen counter in a house I had never been in before. I woke up swatting. I'm not sure what I feel so judged about... the only thing that happened recently was that G. and Stu! made fun of my gnome, but I don't really care and, anyhow, Jen thinks it's cute. (I'm pretty sure Rob is with Stu! and G., but he loves me so it's staying.)

Must dig deeper. I might have repressed issues...