Great Minds

I sent out a mass email the day we found Tino, and I got this today.


Did anyone ever respond to your email about the dog in Luquillo Beach? I am devastated by the situation that puppy is in. I am in New York, but know a number of people in Puerto Rico who rescue animals. Maybe they can help. Let me know.

Denise K--------

My reply:

Denise, thanks for your concern!

I found someone who went to get the puppy. He needed surgery on his spine, and is expected to make a full recovery. On the flight back to New York, my husband and I decided to keep him, and he should be flying home as soon as he is cleared for take-off. He has a VERY happy ending!

You wouldn't believe the number of people who dismissed me when I tried to get help for him.


Her reply, which is the good part:


I'm so happy to hear that the puppy is now safe and that you're keeping him! This is truly a happy ending!

I have a similar story about a dog in Puerto Rico. I, too, was there on vacation with my husband and found a stray that was near death in the town of Yauco. We were leaving the next day and I was so devastated I cried all the way to the hotel. Immediately on my arrival at the hotel, I went directly to the business center and googled animal shelters on the Island of Puerto Rico. I emailed around six of them and told them the story of this dog and how she desperately needed help. I left for New York feeling there helpless, but a few days later I received an email from one shelter, El Faro De Los Animals (The Animal Lighthouse) in Humacao, Puerto Rico. They picked up the dog, got her shots and within two weeks Suzie arrived at JFK Airport in New York ready for her new life. Suzie is now with us two and a half years and is the most wonderful dog you'll ever meet. She has been a blessing in our lives and we are so grateful that we found her. I am now on the Board of Directors of El Faro De Los Animales and do fundraising for them from New York. I was just there with my husband last November doing work at the shelter.

Thank you for caring. There are so many sad endings for the strays in Puerto Rico. It's wonderful to know that there are still a few of us who truly care for and love animals.

Have a wonderful New Year and good luck with your beautiful new puppy!

Isn't that wild? We have nearly identical stories: found a dog on our second to last day, cried all the way back to the hotel [sidenote: I was really trying not to, but it wasn't easy. I ended up sitting in the front of the tour bus with our yummy tour guide, because I knew if I sat next to Rob, I would fold into his cozy, comforting arms and loose it completely. I let the hotness of Hector the tour guide distract me long enough to keep me from snibble-snotting all over the place. You don't want to see me when I'm snibble-snotting. Oh no.], finally got someone to save the dog, and then adopted it!

I'm going to see if I can help her with fundraising efforts in some way... I think that would be good for me. As Stu! pointed out, "If you volunteer, you won't have to take them all home with you..."