Good To Be Home

Yesterday we landed in New York, and I stepped outside into the night to the "pick up area" to wait for our limo to take us back to Rob's parent's house. I had anticipated that first moment of chill to be completely miserable, but it wasn't (probably because the flight back was so hot and dry and turbulent, and the cool air was refreshing). It was raining a cold rain, and the taxis were blaring their horns and weaving around each other in the pick up area. Shifty looking men were nonchalantly brushing by me on the sidewalk, mumbling about how they had a (completely illegal) taxi service they'd like me to take advantage of. Someone screamed, "Fuck you!" as they drove around a parked car loading passengers, and I grinned. Puerto Rico is nice and laid back and warm, but I really, really, REALLY love New York.