Marketing: Kosher Food Gifts From Oh! Nuts

Every year for the holiday season, my father-in-law gets a lot of food gift baskets from his clients, business partners, and other big-wigs. These aren't the cheap kind that you can grab from the mall, either. He gets the gourmet shit. Unfortunately for him, and very, very fortunately for me, most of what's in them is not kosher, and they keep a pretty strict kitchen. Rob and I descend on the baskets like vultures and come away with nuts, cheeses, and tubular meat. It's one of my favorite parts of this time of year. (We keep kosher, but we're not nearly as particular as they are).

Oh! Nuts has a great assortment of kosher food gift items that would be far more appropriate than the sausage-beef-cheese combinations my in-laws get, and they're offering readers of my blog 10% off any purchase. Just enter this coupon code: HBFD1118.

Also, Happy Hanukkah, night one! I'm still sick, and actually, I'm pretty convinced that I'm dying. Hopefully I'll feel better by tonight so we can celebrate with Rob's family in Long Island. And, hopefully, there will be gift baskets already.