I'm Sick

It is the sore throat to end all sore throats. Last night I had a few candles burning in the bathroom a little too long, and the smell wafting through the house irritated both me and Rob. We went out. I felt better, although weirdly cranky, while we were shopping for a printer, but I perked up at dinner (Italian) where I ate a LOT of roasted garlic. We shopped some more after food, and I started to break down. By the time we got home, I was Sick.

I climbed into bed, and this is where my sore throat REALLY started to bug me. There were two large, hot eggs on each side of my esophagus, painful when I was still and excruciating when I tried to swallow. I tried hot tea, and it didn't help, and I tried resting the hot mug on my neck over the swollen part, but it was only temporary relief.

"Take a hot shower" Rob said. This is his solution for everything that ails. He started a hot shower for me, and I stripped and made a break for it. The house felt so cold, and I knew I had a fever.

After steaming myself until Extra Pruney, I got out and bundled up in sweat clothes, and then climbed into bed. It was fitful sleep, and I smelled like sweaty garlic the entire time. So gross. The right side of my throat eventually stopped hurting, but the left side still was painful.

At four in the morning I woke up and regretted turning down the NyQuill that Rob offered me. I was in a LOT of pain; the left side of my throat was still huge, bigger, even, and it was bleeding out of my nose.

Now it's noon, and I'm still in bed. I'm still fevered, but I'm not in pain anymore. The best part is that Rob is staying home with me. He's blowing off a meeting, too! He made me an omelet and delivered it to bed. He's dreamy.