This Little Light of Mine

We need a new lamp for the kitchen's breakfast nook, because the one we currently have is, frankly, disgusting. It's a Hampton Bay (Home Depot) number, and looks like a flying saucer. It was loathing at first sight for me. Rob says it's not that bad, but he's so wrong.

I lived with it thus far, but now, especially with our annual holiday party coming up, I'd like to have something more reflective of our style... or just something with any style at all. I found a chandelier in a gallery in Northampton, MA that I absolutely loved. It was all hand blown glass and available in a funky orange and yellow combination. It had all of these amazing swirly pieces, but it wasn't over done. The fact that it gave light was secondary to the fact that it was a work of art. It was perfect, except for the price: ten thousand dollars. So we kept looking. I also love those big stars of Bethlehem, made out of iron and glass, but Rob hates them. He also didn't like the lamp I found in Anthropolgie, which was a glass tear drop covered in wrought iron.

Finding a new light is going to be a huge production. Rob says it's because we don't see eye to eye on what looks good, but I say it's because he has bad taste. (oooo, Snap!)