Sleigh Ride

Our bed broke. It was the middle of the night, and I woke up to a "TWANG!" and the bed dropping down a few inches. We held our breaths for a few seconds, but since nothing else happened, we figured we'd deal with it in the morning. Turns out, it was a screw that had popped out. The problem was live-with-able while we hunted for a new bed, which I had been wanting to do anyway, eventually. It was at the bottom of the "Things To Do Because Amber Is Nesting" list. It was squeaky when I so much as rolled over on it, and a cheap bed, not a long term solution, but we were doing other stuff first before we took care of getting a new one.

Then all of the rest of the screws popped out, all at once, all of a sudden, and the bed literally fell apart under Rob and me while we were holding hands*. Suddenly, acquiring a new bed became priority number one.

Now we're on a mattress on the floor (the dogs are all like, "I can has big bed?!"), and I ordered an actual bed from Fortunoff. It is:

1. brand spanking new
2. not handmade by me
3. not from IKEA
4. not bought from a garage sale, handed down, salvaged from the side of the road or dug up from the "scratch-n-dent" section.

I've never had a piece of furniture that didn't fall into one of those categories! I know, I'm totally lame going ape-shit over a bed. It's really gorgeous, though, and I'm thrilled to have an heirloom quality piece that won't squeak every time I roll over and will last long enough to embarrass my 20-something year old children with, "You were made in this bed right here!"