I Have Changed My Mind

I canceled the order on the bed. It was too expensive. Yes, we could technically afford it, and yes, it's freaking beautiful, but there are way less expensive options out there, and I'm determined to find them. We didn't even spend "that much" technically speaking (one could pay way, way more for a bed) and we had a couple of discounts that made it cheaper. But still.

I hardly ever change my mind. Actually, I don't remember the last time I changed my mind on a fairly major decision. I usually make snap decisions, too, as they tend to work out best. I had a weird gut feeling about the bed, though, but I ignored it because I chalked it up to being nervous about getting something so permanent and expensive.

Choosing to adopt a second dog, get a new car, buy a house or get married are all decisions you can get out of later, if you need to, but getting rid of a bed is a PAIN. You have to sell it, you'll NEVER get anything close to what you paid for it, and you have to deal with strangers not only in your house, but in your BEDROOM (!) to see it. Or you can return it to the store if you didn't wait too long, but you'll have to deal with shipping and... yeah. No.

My quest for a less expensive, equally as beautiful bed continues.

Edit: Yes, I basically just said that selling a bed is harder than obtaining a divorce. I know it's probably not.