Well, we're all moved! It happened way quicker than I thought it would, and thank goodness! If my house is majorly disorganized for too long, me and the dogs get really out of sorts (and they start doing things like peeing in weird places and eating furniture)(ok, ok, we ALL start doing it).

The hallways and office haven't made a huge change in color. I liked them as they were, color wise, I just needed to give them a fresh coat of paint. Our bedroom, however, is very different. I think I might have accidentally painted it a few shades closer to salmon than I meant to. When I first saw it, I said, "Oh... it's PINK!" It dried a little deeper, though. Later I'll post pictures of the colors.

I read a lot of decorating and design blogs, and one of the best pieces of advice that I've gotten is, "Decorate the way you dress". In other words, if you wear a lot of neutral colors, you'll be happy in a house with beiges, browns, creams and greys. If you wear a lot of sleek, designer clothes, you'll probably dig black lacquer furniture with mirrored surfaces. I think for me (and Rob, too) we tend to wear neutral colors in comfortable fabrics, and use color in small but loud does to set us apart. I wear khakis and he wears jeans. We like soft, comfortable tee shirts, but I have a big collection of bright jewelery and he had an even bigger collection of fun, bright tee shirts. Our house has a few brightly colored places, but mostly it's simple lines and pretty neutrals.

Anyway, I love the house, so far. It's so nice to live in a space that reflects your style. I can't wait to get started on building the shelves in the living room, but I have to finish excavating it first. Ugh.