Halloween Home Improvement

Since I didn't grow up celebrating Halloween, I don't have much sentimental attachment to the holiday, but I'm really excited to have kiddos come to my door and pass out candy. The little ones are cute, and the older ones are amusing; they come to the door and thrust their pillowcases in my face wordlessly, sometimes not even in costume. Nuh-uh. Greedy bastards. They're not getting anything until they say, "Trick or treat", and if they don't do it enthusiastically enough, I make them try again. You gotta work for it around here.

I'm spending the day building shelves. For months we've been planning to put shelving next to the TV for our DVDs. At the moment the TV is upstairs and the DVDs are down, which is so irrational. Plus, there's crap piled in front of the shelves that the DVDs are on, so you have to do major calisthenics to get to some of them. It's books and movies all mixed together, too, and it's ridiculous. That's next to be fixed. We're actually rearranging the entire house, including repainting and swapping the office and bedroom. I'm stoked. Now that I'm home all the time, the little disorganized things are starting to annoy me a lot.

I had trouble figuring out the dimensions of the shelving, so I went to Jen's and her husband helped me figure it out. We got the number of shelves wrong, though, so I have 6 pieces of wood extra, which I'll probably throw into the basement and forget about.