Um... Stuff

Stu! complained that I haven't been blogging recently. Part of it has to do with my eyes. I'm having weird contact issues, and one of my eyes fails to keep focus while I'm looking at words. It's pretty annoying, and reading books has become impossible. But here I am. I'll make an appointment to get checked this week.

It's Yom Kippur, and usually that means the entire family decends upon my in-laws house, and some people go to the synagog and some people stay back at the house. Not so this year. Everyone's gone, and I'm the only one left, the lone goy in a sea of Jews. It's fine, but I kind of felt guilty watching everyone get dressed up and go. I got dressed and went shopping. The malls on Long Island cater to a differnt set of people than the mall back home, and the comination of Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales, along with a bunch of other super chic stores, was impossible to resist. I didn't get anything, though, but I looked. I've been in the market for a really good purse for a long time now, and I haven't managed to find one. I don't even think I was this picky when I was selecting a husband. Things will be almost perfect, and then there will be ONE thing that makes the bag all wrong.

I tried on some perfume, got coffee, and played with the small, sweet dog of a crazy old rich lady that thought it was ok to bring her dog to the mall on a leash. Maybe that's OK on Long Island? I'm not about to try.

Speaking of dogs, I found another stray, and now I know that I must have some sort of beacon calling the lost dogs to me. I'm like the pied piper of lost dogs. She looked similar to a springer spanial, and when I got close, I saw she had nipples, which meant there were puppies nearby. (Squee!) I followed her a little bit down the road trying to coax her to me, but she was skittish and kept several feet away from me. I ran back and got my car, and Rob followed on foot. Why we didn't bring treats, I don't know. I was so concerned with not letting her get killed by a car I forgot; I just mashed my feet into my sneakers and bolted out of the door. Everytime I got close, she ran away. I stalled traffic behind me, and got other motorists involved (incluidng one guy on a motorcycle!) It was a multi-person, cars and feet dog chase. Eventually, she disappeared into some woods, and Rob caught up with me in the car where I had pulled over, defeated.

"When were you going to let me in the car?!" he shouted at me.

I then realized that everytime he got near the car, I pulled away, and had made him run after me for nearly a mile. Poor guy.

We drove home deflated. Rob said she was proably a street dog that didn't want to get caught, and I agreed, but I was still sad. I wanted to save puppies!

It's nearly noon, and people still aren't back yet. I kind of wanted Rob to not go, but it's so important to him that I didn't say anything. Who am I to stand in the way of his spiritual fulfilment? I'd have gone, but all I get out of it is being extremely uncomfortable. I don't like religious services of any kind, so I'm hanging with Matty and Leeloo. I also ate before anyone got home; on Yom Kippur you're supposed to fast until sundown, but I'm SO not into that. Still, I'm not going to eat in front of folks that can't.

I'm off to raid more food. I should eat enough to not be hungry until the sun goes down.