Challa Back, Ya'll

Rob came home from temple deeply offended at a letter that the rabbi had left on each seat for the congregation. I didn't read it, but the letter implied that one would be more likely to be forgiven if one were to donate large portions of money to the synagog. He is refusing to go back until another rabbi is in place. I guess my being lonely worked itself out!

We were supposed to come home yesterday (Saturday) after breaking fast in the evening, so we would get home around ten or eleven. After visiting for a really long time, however, and then heading to our guest room to clean up, we looked at each other, groaned, and decided to stay another evening. My in-laws were thrilled.

We went shopping with them at the other really big mall on Long Island today. Never again. They walk reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllly slowly, and I was half out of my mind by the time we left. I didn't find walking shoes (need them for Disney), but I did buy knee-high Uggs (I know they're ugly. I don't care.) and Rob's mom got the same ones in a darker brown. I ducked into Anthropologie away from everyone for a moment, and spotted a dress on the sale rack.

Normally, dresses and I don't mix, but I really wanted to try this one out... and it fit. And it was pretty! And it made ME pretty! And it was on sale!!!!! I stood in the dressing room, swirling and crying. I am getting thinner! I can wear dresses! It was an unbelievably happy moment. I have exactly zero places to wear it, but I seriously don't care.

Eventually we just had to leave... Rob's dad was sick anyway, and we went home to watch the Yankees play game 3 in their series against the Toronto Blue Jays. We've watched all three games, including Friday's which went for FOURTEEN innings, and yesterday's which went for 10. I feel like half my weekend was spent watching baseball.

They have a new, fantastic pitcher on the team, Joba Chamberlain, who came in last minute to win the game for the Yankees. Today is his 22nd birthday, and he had an entire stadium of people screaming, "We want Joba! We want Joba!" On MY 22nd birthday? A llama sneezed in my face.