I spent the weekend in Northampton, Massachusetts, relaxing at Rob's Aunt Bev and Uncle Phil's house. Rob's parents and grandma also visited. We shopped in town on Sunday, and it was great; really mellow. Actually, the entire weekend was mellow; the most excited thing I did was try an anchovy for the first time (yuck, by the way). Matty and Leeloo had fun with their cousin, Hudson, who is a snuggly Britney Spaniel, and they got along nicely.

If you ever get a chance to visit Northampton (and you aren't afraid of the gays, because there are a LOT of them), you should.

We stayed in a cousin's old room, and her extensive collection of books (from when she was a kid) were still on the shelves, so I helped myself to Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and finished it over the course of the few days we were there. I've been inspired to start collecting the books that I used to have, but don't any more.