Another Lost Dog Finds Me

I found a dog today. We were coming home from the dog park and I spotted a collar-less beagle mix sniffing around, right near our house. We went home to drop our two off and back-tracked a few blocks to get him. We took him to our yard and started making phone calls to everyone we could think of while he inspected our yard and drank the water I put out for him. He wasn't hungry, and was really cuddly and friendly to me, so he's probably only been missing for a little bit. I tried introducing him to Matty and Leeloo; Matty was fine (he loves just about everyone) but Leeloo hated him.

Rob and I called everyone we could think of, because we wanted him to be in a "no kill" situation that would also make him easy to find. We ended up bringing him to animal control where they told us they don't put down dogs unless they're sick or mean. He looked neither, and is probably the beloved pet of a frantic dog owner right now; he had a mark on his neck where a collar used to be.

I really hope he gets home. He deserves it.