The Totebag Lives On

I've been searching everywhere for the perfect handbag, one that's going to last me for years. It has to be hip, but not trendy, quality but not overpriced, and gorgeous. I don't want outside pockets of any kind (I love the smooth exterior look) and it has to be lightweight, slouchy whiskey colored leather. I need to be able to stuff it with everything I like to carry now and will have to carry later (on short trips, anyway) when I have a kiddo with me. It has to double as a carry-on when I travel, and it has to be able to fit my laptop in a pinch. I also need handles AND a shoulder strap. And no tassels.

Balenciaga pretty much has everything I need, except for the fact that their bags don't retail for under $1000, and that's IF you can get your hands on one. They really are beautiful, though.

Stu! told me I should buy a cheap bag at Target to hold me over, and I seriously considered doing so, but I know that if I do, I'll end up giving up on my search. I'm making do with a $2.99 totebag from Trader Joes.

And what a search it's been! I've been in outlet stores, tiny boutiques, and all over the internet. Yesterday I was all over SoHo (lower east side of Manhattan) which has some of the best shopping in the world (it's where they shoot the majority of What Not To Wear). I even went to Bloomindales. TWICE! There is something seriously wrong with me.