Disney Trip, and My Ass

Our flight to Disney is booked, so I've commenced freaking out. But really, whoever heard of a plane crashing on the way to Disney World? That's ridiculous! So, I'm safe. Plus, I'm going to be on the same plane as almost all of Rob's immediate family, and there's no way we could all die all together. That's ridiculous, too. Nothing to worry about.


**UPDATE** I'm pretty sure the excessive kettle corn at the oyster festival negated three days of subsisting on spaghetti squash, oatmeal and blueberries. Crap.

I've been sick for three days, and dropped one pant size as a result. I should get sick weekly. I'd be hawt. The sales girl was rolling her eyes, and Rob was not amused, as I danced around the dressing room hallway shaking my (slightly smaller) badonkadonk. Hey, whateva! I look guuuuuud.

*shake shake*