The Dudes In Iowa Have Sanctioned My Filing Cabinet

Hey, guess what? My house is slowly becoming not a sty-hole! This is thanks in part to a filing cabinet that I bought. I had been using filing boxes for YEARS, and it's been working fine until my office was on a second floor, away from the main living area. Every time I wanted to file something, i would have to trek upstairs, dig out the box, open the box, and find the correct file. In other words, it wasn't getting done.

Now my papers are downstairs, and in an actual, grown-up filing cabinet that i bought from target.

When I first brought up getting a filing cabinet, Rob told me that I could only get one if I found one for super cheap, or free, because he didn't think that we needed one. It actually started an argument, with both of us furiously taking a stand pro or anti filing cabinet. Never has such a debate raged over a (max!) $50 purchase, at least not around here. We are generally laid-back, compromising people. I think we were both crabby.

Wandering the aisles of Target with him last week, I spotted a wooden filing cabinet that I've had my eye on. It's two drawers high, and was about twenty bucks. Something snapped, and I flung it in the cart, shouting, "I need it! I need it! I don't care what you say!"

I expected him to challenge me, but he didn't, and helped me get it in the cart safely. When we got home, he put it together (it took him hours, too).

A recent study by Iowa State University shows that marriages are happier when men let their wives have their way. To this I say, "They needed a study?!"

Maybe he got the memo?