2 Down, 4 To Go

Remember these two?

That's Heather and Keith, and yesterday they un-superstitiously tied the knot on Friday, the 13th. The wedding was so beautiful, and deliciously low-key thanks to a four-hour gap between the 3:00 ceremony and the 7:30 reception. We spent that gap at someone's house, taking pictures, and I snapped a few from the sidelines (while managing to avoid interfering with the pro-photographer).

I was a little nervous about going to a wedding that my in-laws were guests at, because I thought it would be weird. It wasn't too bad, though. My mother-in-law danced with me and the rest of the young people, and I watched her "shake it" with the best of us and "drop it" impressively low.

The first dance was slow, and the DJ instructed everyone to "grab their special someone" and dance with them. Rob found me and wrapped his arms around me, pressing his forehead onto mine. He kissed me, and boy oh man! My husband is sexy. He's a horrible dancer, though, with ZERO rhythm. This I don't understand; he's a drummer. If anyone should have rhythm, it would be him, right? But no. He avoided the dance floor a lot.

Later they played "Living on a Prayer" and I did NOT resist belting out the lyrics like a drunken Jersey whore, nor did I resist Twisting, Shout!ing, and (when my husband and in-laws weren't looking) I "Brought Sexy Back" with some cute groomsman I didn't know. I'll spare you the details.

We crashed at his parent's house IN THE SAME BED which was really fun, because we were very much NOT allowed to do that before. I climbed into bed exhausted, but when I realized that there was NO WAY we could get it on with his parents right across the hall, I immediately wanted to, and then I couldn't sleep. There's not a hell of a lot that's forbidden anymore! Alas, when we finally got home, we filed papers.

Out of Rob's group of six buddies, that's 2 down, 4 to go.