Workin' For The Weekend

Ugh! UGH!

You know how sometimes one will say to oneself, "Oh, it won't be THAT bad!"? It was.

I sat for about eight hours a day staring at a computer screen, answering phones, and breathing office air. Then, I came home exhausted, crabby, and unmotivated to wash dishes or loads of laundry. My house is what you would call "a flailing mess". A flailing mess with no towels, and a husband inside who hasn't gotten much more than an peck goodnight. Poor fellow. My hat is off to all the ladies that work full time, keep up the house and have a great relationship that they keep spicy.

I might not actually know what I want to do when I grow up yet (which? at twenty-five is simultaneously annoying and scary), but I DO know that what I want to do does NOT involve staring at a computer screen, answering phones.

Because that sucks. I made some excellent headway with my project, because I was there in the office all day, so that was good, but overall, it was tough to do.