This Nest Has The Hookup! (Isn't that what the cool kids say?)

I'm nesting.

The wedding is over and the presents have stopped, so I bought everything off our registry that we didn't get, using the money that people gave us at the wedding. All of the stores we registered with offered a one time 10% off registry completion, so that was an even bigger incentive to go mega-shopping. Guilt-free spending spree!

We got all new sheets and new towels, and updated a lot of kitchen items, too. We're redoing our "den" upstairs with a whole new system (HD TV and surround sound. Ohhhh yeah!) Girl's Movie Night is going to rock. We also, after stumbling upon them in a Target, managed to snag a Wii! They were just THERE, and Rob was like "oo oo! Can we get one?!" I was all casual, like, "Yeah sure." and inside I'm like "Ohmigawd we have a Wii and this totally rocks, but I'm not going to freak out because, Psh! what? am I twelve?!" I wanted to buy one for Rob as a wedding present, but wasn't able to hunt one down, even though I scoured the state and the internet looking for one.

By the way, Ami over at The Opposite of Progress mentioned in December a cool Wii game would be one where you prepare food Iron Chef style.

Sorry, buddy, someone beat you to it. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Our den is in the attic, and in the summer it gets so unbearably hot up there, so we're FINALLY installing central air, which I'm super excited about.

There's a new grill on it's way, and we're looking into building a patio for it. We're also finishing the fencing in the front of the yard, so I don't have to worry about Matty and Leeloo running off, and I can leave them outside.

I love home improvements!