Hey, Baby

I need a "My Body, My Choice!" tee shirt, not to tout my abortion rights, but rather, my conception rights. My mother-in-law has stated over and over again that we are not to have a baby until Rob's older brother does. On what planet does she think she has control over my eggs!? (Ew. I just said "eggs". But seriously!)

Rob's brother has been married for 3, nearly 4 years, and is 11 years Rob's senior. His wife is very public about her desire to get pregnant, and I'd love for them to have a kid YESTERDAY, (she'd make a great mom!) but if they don't, and Rob and I are ready to get baby-making, we're not waiting for them.

I got freaked out when she started saying this, thinking it was some sort of hard-core Jewish tradition that I was unaware of. Rob promised me we would do whatever we wanted, so phew! (My mother, on the other hand, is all but buying me prenatal vitamins, she REALLY wants to be a grandma!)

I think this must have started when Laban had Jacob work for him for seven years in order to get Rachel, and then Laban was all, "Her sister has to get married first!", so he just tricked Jacob into marrying her fugly sister. (That's about how it happened, right?)