Stuff From IKEA Makes Me Plotz!

Last night we went out to dinner with what I thought were going to be Rob's parents, and with what turned out to be Rob's parents and half a dozen of their closest friends. They had all come from the Purim celebration where they did karaoke (I dunno...). It's an out of this world experience to hang out with people who sprinkle their conversations with Yiddish words in a completely serious way.

"I'm so hot," my mother-in-law said, "I'm plotzing!" Indeed.

We went to IKEA today and found a huge hunk of random pieces of furniture in boxes on a shipping pallet. The entire lot was being sold for $55, and was labeled "The Handyman Special". We couldn't resist. Never mind that "handy" doesn't describe either one of us.

It was like a gigantic version of those sales at the grocery store where the labels are off the cans, so you have no idea what's inside. Except it was wood. And really fucking heavy.

We got half of a desk, what looks like an entire hutch for dishes (we'll see when we open it), an entertainment center that had a run-in with a forklift (we can put the smashed side to the wall though) and... about 10 closets. No shelves, no doors. Just the sides and backs of several closets.

I have no idea what we're doing with all this stuff. Anyone need a closet?

"At least we have fun!" Rob said, while I looked around the living room stacked with random boxes.

At least.

Here's Rob loading some of the stuff into our van.

We had to leave some to pick up tomorrow. I know I'm going to use the half a desk for me (it's still a functional desk, we just don't have the top shelving part), and I think the hutch will work out nicely for us. So it's worth it right there. And it's an adventure... just one that has my living room a flailing mess.