The Sneaky, Vommity Dog

So this dog. Man. What a handful.

24 hours into having her, she "woke up". Before that, she was a shaking mound on a rug. Now, she's trouble.

Monday she was alone while Rob went out (I was at work). He gated her behind a baby gate in a hallway, and came home to find out she had jumped it and was snoozing on the couch. We put the gate a little higher and blocked off the bottom with some boards.

"That ought to hold her!" Rob said. The top of the gate was well over her head.

I called her, and she immediately started trying to get over. Rob said I was being mean.

"Just wait." I told him. In less than a minute, she had climbed up over the fence and took a flying leap onto the ground. We were stunned. She climbs, which is so not good. That night, she didn't bother to climb, she just knocked over the baby gate and got out, proving that not only is she way more agile than Matty, she's smarter.

You'd think we'd buy a cage for her right away, but I didn't want a new one. There are too many people in this world with dog cages sitting unused. I thought it would be silly to drop over $100 on a new one. We finally found one on Craigslist for forty bucks.

She also is a puker. It's so gross. Matty loves being in the car and going places, but Leeloo just shakes and vomits. I feel so bad for her! She'll have to get used to it, though; we'll need to take her with us a lot. In the meantime, there's some slimy vomit for Rob to clean out of the car when he gets home. I'm not touching it.