The Lonely Bride

My aunt and uncle aren't coming to my wedding. This isn't a far-flung, distant relative that I won't miss. They're people I expected to be in family photos, that I see ALL the time, at every family function. I can't believe they won't be there. They knew months in advance, and still, they are unable to come because of "work scheduling" ... even though they're self-employed.

I am floored; I keep read the responce card over and over to see if I read it wrong, but it still says they aren't going to be there.

This sucks. People who are merely FRIENDS of Rob's parents are rearranging vacations and flying thousands of miles to be there for us, and my very own AUNT AND UNCLE won't be there, and on such a lousy excuse.

No one is going to come with me to see my wedding dress for the very first time (an event I had always envisioned packed with bridesmaids, aunts, mothers and grandmothers), and, still, the groomsmen don't like me. I am bride abandoned.

On the upside, I ordered Rob's wedding ring! I have to have it inscribed with something, and I have until tonight to decide. Eek!