Drama Stuff

I just found out Rob's friends don't like me. I'd say "I don't care" because when have I ever cared if people don't like me? (That would be never.) I have a few really great, really amazing friends, and they are beyond enough to keep me happy. But it's still difficult, especially for Rob. So I care a little. Especially since they've been to my house and they're coming to my wedding; places where, frankly, if you don't like me, you don't belong.

This is not what I wanted, and certainly not what I expected. His family isn't crazy about me, which I expected, being that they are hard core religious and I am not, and wasn't even raised Jewish. So there's no comfort there.

I'm used to being dug by my friends and left the hell alone from my family. So this is new. And I'm learning how to deal.