Valentines Day was ok; we got a lot of bad weather and didn't feel overwhelmingly obligated to do anything romantic, so we putzed around the house and went to dinner around 9. Rob gave me a bag of Necco hearts and a box of mixed chocolates in a heart shaped box. (Because nothing says "I love you" like type II diabetes.) There's no map on the inside lid of the chocolates, so I have to gouge out the bottoms of candies before I eat them. Rob gets crazy when I do that; he says you're supposed to eat any one you touch and take what you get, (life is like a box of chocolates and all that) but I disagree. In life, I don't invest time and money into things I don't know about, and I don't ingest a ridiculous amount of sugar if I'm not going to thoroughly enjoy it. Right?

I end up wasting a lot of them because no one wants to eat an orange cream chocolate that's already been molested, (and, possibly, licked... sometimes I feel adventurous and try the gross ones!) Then again, does anyone want to eat an orange cream chocolate anyway?