Happy? Valentines Day

When I was little, I had it in my head that Valentines Day was when parents bought small presents for their children, because that's what my mom did. I would exchange paper valentines with my classmates, too, but I had no idea that it was all about romantic love-y mushy stuff. And I had no idea how big of a deal it really was, because I never dated anyone that seriously... wait, I guess I did, but I don't remember it ever being a big deal. So last year I told Rob it wasn't a big deal, because I honestly didn't remember it being important to me.

Then I started watching commercials, and they were all romantic. And I would be like, "Awww!", and say things to Rob like, "ooo, THIS would make a romantic Valentines Day gift for me!" and he'd be like, "Yeah, if you didn't tell me you thought Valentines Day was stupid." And I'd say, "Oh. Well...".

He doesn't do hints.

And I spent all day last February 14 thinking to myself "Yeah, something awesome is totally coming... maybe he'll even propose!"

But nothing happened. And the more nothing happened, the giddier I got.

"He's going to totally shock me! Maybe he'll whisk me off to Manhattan for a special dinner!"

I handed him my homemade card. He smiled and took it, but didn't give me anything in return.

"Ooooo!" I thought. "He's playing it so cool! I'm so getting engaged tonight! A VALENTINES DAY PROPOSAL IS SO ROMANTIC!"

In the evening towards dinner time, I was waiting for my "subtle hint" that I might want to get a little dressed up for dinner.

Suddenly, Rob made eye contact with me, and dropped to one knee RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! My heart was thumping, my palms got sweaty, and I began to giggle nervously as he said, "Come here, boy!"

The dog was standing behind me.

I never did get a Valentines Day present.