A Squeaky Surprise

Two of Jen's good friends from college schemed to surprise her this weekend for her birthday. I made up a story about a "dinner" I had on Friday night that would interrupt our already planned "girls' movie night". I actually did have a dinner, I just didn't tell Jen it was with her friends and family! She thought she and Micah were meeting just her parents and sisters for dinner in a restaurant, but when she rounded the corner, there were all of us to yell "Surprise!"

First, her eyes and mouth got really big. Then she grinned. Then she backed up and started crying. Then she said a bunch of stuff, but between crying and being really happy she was all squeaky, and I don't really know what she said. It sounded like this: "Meee-mee-mii-eee-hee! Ah ha ha! MEEE-mee-mmeeee!"

She was very happy.