Rob Had A Bad Day

My poor Rob. Yesterday I nudged him at 7:30, saying he had better wake up; we have to get him out of the house by 8:00 if he is to catch the train.

"No, no, it's fine." he murmured, and fell back to sleep.

At 8:05, he popped awake freaking out, and said he would now have to drive to work. Since we only have one car at present, I would have to drive with him so I could go to work later. We got dressed quickly and hit the road. A few miles into our trip, (with traffic, we had been in the car for a solid half hour) Rob realized he forgot the cord he needed to transfer work from his laptop to his work computer. We had to turn around and go back to get it. He would now be really, really late. I suggested he take the train after all. It didn't matter because he was so late, and it would probably actually save him a few minutes (it was later; the traffic was worse). So we went from home to the train station, and he jumped out of the car as soon as we pulled up, running to catch the next train. I got a phone call an hour after I got back home.

"I need you to upload some files for me. That cord we went to get... I left it in the car."

Poor Rob.