The List: 100 Calories Is Just The Beginning

I've finally found a way to make these things better.

Things you can do with 100 calorie snack packs that make them better:

use them as scoops for gingerbread cream cheese dip (I happen to have some laying around from Christmas. Good stuff.)

substitute for a graham cracker crust on a cheesecake.

layer nutella between two of them.

float them in a milkshake.

put them in a bowl and cover them with whipped cream. spoon!

drizzle them with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce or butterscotch. feel free to use all four.

stir them in pudding!

put them on top of ice cream for a crunchy topping.

saute them in butter and serve at breakfast with eggs. (that would still be lower calorie than french toast.)

decorate a birthday cake with them.

make really small s'mores out of them with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and the toaster oven.

mix with cheetos and pretzels for a salty/cheesy/sweet and overall crunchy snack.

use them instead of making a crumb topping for apple cobbler.

tile the roof of a gingerbread house with them.

dip them fondue style in chocolate.

bake them into cupcakes.

stick a few of them in the whipped cream on hot cocoa to make it look fancy. (preferably with chocolate shavings, too!)

and last but not least:

eat four packs.