Day Three of '07: Le Volkswagon is Le Dead

I'm beginning to think that '07 really has it in for me. Which is scary because I'm getting married this year. So much for lucky number seven.

What's wrong now, you ask? Day 3: The Volkswagon needs a new engine. This is about $4000 to $5000. Mind you, I paid $6600 for it already, and it was guaranteed to be in good condition. Then it took a million years to get here, and now it's taking a million years and a million bucks to repair it.


I now have to get a detailed list of things that are wrong with it from my very non-detail oriented mechanic, submit them to eBay, and the seller, and see what we can do. What did Charlie Brown say? Aaugh!

Not to mention, I have places to go to settle wedding details. Rob found me on the couch yesterday and curled up with me and sighed. "I wish we can fast forward to June." We're both so over this wedding thing... and we've got four months to go! I'm excited about everything, but it's so stressful.

We can still elope... oh wait. No we can't. I don't have a car.