Blogger Was Bonkers, and It's Better with Butter

Yeah, blogger hasn't been letting me in, hence the long gap between posts. Sorry. It's bummed me out.


So there's this show on VH1 called the white rapper show. There was a girl from Waterford, CT who was talking about how 'street' her life was; they made fun of her, as they should. They also called people "bonkers", and I wonder, why don't people say "bonkers" more often. I'm going to bring it back.


I bought a couple of boxes of those 100 calorie snack packs, and made myself a cup of tea to go with them. So I'm eating them, and I'm like, "damn. these would be so much better with frosting. or butter." Just smeared right on there. Mmm. BUT... I have a GIGANTIC ASS that I have to put in a wedding dress in four months, so i didn't put the frosting on. But i wanted to.

I brought all my ice cream to my dad's house so my skinny-ass brother could eat it. I'm also attempting to continue with the treadmill... but i hate that fucking thing. really. truly. hate. then i found out that walking a 20-minute mile only burns about 125 calories. WHAT? if I all I eat is one of those snack packs, and then I walk my daily 20-minute mile, I negated 80% of my efforts.


I still don't have a job. I want something low-key and part-time. But there's lots of offers on craigslist if I'm willing to pose nude, party hard or blow dudes. which I'm not. the search continues.