Your Kisses Leave Me Speechless*... Even At Home

I don't want to go on a honeymoon. Everyone says we "need to get away for a few days" but I don't feel that way. I hate sleeping places that aren't my bed. I hate being away from my dog. I hate coming home and doing a ton of laundry. I hate airports. I hate flying even more. I hate searching for decent coffee in different cities. I hate no internet, no cable and no cooking for myself.

Maybe we'll just stick a sign on the door saying, "We're having sex, come back later" to scare people off, and leave it there for a week. Then we can spend a week doing stuff we love to do, like taking the dog to the park, laying around listening to Penn Jillette's radio show, watching netflix movies, eating foods we like, and, of course, getting it on.

*a nod to Robert Palmer