Happy Lots Of Holidays!

Who threw a big ol' awesome house party last night? That would be us! The Santos-Blatt second annual Christmas/Hanukkah party went really well. Actually, we tried to acknowledge all the holidays with a snowflake display for solstice, a paper Kwanzaa decoration on the front window, and a Festivus pole. We had a lot of last minute cancelations so there's a lot of left over food, but better than too little, right?

My dad was upset because I didn't invite him, but I didn't not invite him; I invited my mom, and since my parents are, to me, one blob of humanity instead of two separate people, I don't really count them as two separate entities. Alas, I still have to get used to separate phone calls to reach them. Divorce is weird. I wonder if my kids will view Rob and me as a blob of humanity? Probably. Anyhow. Rocking party.

My biological father showed up; I spent all of my teenage years not speaking to him, and now speak to him on a fairly regular basis, and enjoy doing so. He's one of those people that tend to liven a party a little bit, and complimented me on my "good looking girlfriends". (I don't hang out with ugly people, because, ew!)(Kidding.) He spent a while in the corner talking to my dad, and when I called across the room, "Dad?" they both looked at me.

Fun times with modern families.

My grandma came! She said, "Oh, you young people don't want me around!" but we did; or I did anyhow. I was so excited to see her, and folks were glad she stopped by.

We played dreidle, and found out it doesn't frigging end. I had never played a full game before, and it took forever. The game died before it was over.

Stu and I made mulled wine, and it was good, but I had about half a glass and now have the worse hangover ever. I didn't get anywhere near drunk on it. I think it might have been something else, too. My house smelled amazing!

My friend Sarah couldn't make it, but called before the party started to let me know her husband was going to make an appearance. He ended up staying until 1 in the morning, and making friends with Rob's friends, which I thought was awesome.

Matty loved the company. He wandered around getting patted by everyone, and didn't beg (too much, anyway), or get in the way.

Lessons learned for throwing a party in this house: put out the soda if you want folks to drink it. Resist the temptation to over-cook. (I always have this problem.) Keep Rob's friend Dave and my Stu away from each other. (Unless you want free entertainment.) Beware the mulled wine.

I re-read this post, and it sounds like I have ADD. I'd rewrite it, but I don't care. Sorry, though.