Ghetto Fabulous Snow, Martha Style

Paper snowflakes? I'm an old pro! They're not hard once you get the hang of it, and I don't care if it makes me a little kid: it's thrilling to open one up and see what it looks like. I made a bunch in all different sizes and turned the ceiling fan in our living room into a paper snowflakechandler. It's kind of ghetto, but I like it.

Since the most readily available paper was white printer paper (standard 8.5 x 11"), I had to cut it into squares. (Fancy people buy perfectly square origami paper of nice, thick quality, but to that I say psht !). This left paper "orphans": 2.5 wide 8.5" strips, so I cut those into quarters and turned them into a dainty, lacy paper chain. That got added to the ceiling fan's blades. Nothing gets wasted around here if we can help it, since we're so terribly modern and green.


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