The Night of "Light Drinking"

Rob and his two friends, Tim and Julius, decided to go bar hopping last night and I found something out the hard way that I should have suspected already: I can't keep up with 22 year old college guys when it comes to shots.

We started at a tiki bar in the bottom floor of a really chic hotel. It was located at the top of Nob Hill which is, I believe, a 27 degree incline; it's too dangerous to allow cars to drive up it. Walking up it was a thigh-firming experience, and I nearly passed out after the five blocks to the top. NEVER AGAIN! The boys had a running competion down it, and I worried that they would get hurt, which they didn't.

At the tiki bar, we ordered the "scorpion bowl" for four, complete with four mini umbrellas and had a "who ever stops drinking through their straw first has to buy the next round" competition. Guess who lost? We moved to a kitchy Asian dive bar decked out with twinkle lights and inhabited mostly by locals. The waitress made us something that tasted like cinnamon trident gum (nasty), and no one would let me pass my drink off to Rob, which is usually how I avoid getting too drunk. I was given a pep talk by Tim, who "coached" me into downing the shot. We moved on to a darker bar where people were smoking (like Connecticut, California has a no smoking law). We spotted a sign that said, "Smoking has NOT been banned here!"

It was Tim's turn to buy a drink, and he ordered "four shots of your worst Tequilla, please!"

We wound up in the bar next to our hotel where we had... I dunno. Another drink. By this time the cable cars were not running, so Tim and Julius passed out on our floor. I was informed that this was the night of "light drinking"... I have a feeling I'm going to have to pass on the "heavy drinking". Oh, best part of the evening: just as we were heading out on the street, someone leans into Rob and I as we passed and said, "Hey, I got coke for you guys." I guess I'm a homebody, because it was totally a shock.

This morning we went to the convention, and then back to the stip club for lunch (all you can eat buffet, $5, and with boobs!) I need to find some girls to hang out with.