Mocked By Art

We met up with one of Rob's friends from college, Jon Day, and his girlfriend Erin. We went to their hotel lobby for it's nightly complimentary wine reception (we're totally staying at the wrong hotel). Erin shook my hand and went to get a drink.

"Oh!" I said, and pointed at her back. "Is that ERIN Erin?" Rob nodded. I groaned.

Erin and Rob have known each other since freshman year of college and have been pretty good friends since. Months ago she left a comment on his MySpace page that was meant in a friendly stupid joking kind of way, but which I felt was inappropriate, and I fired off an email telling her so. It all worked out fine; I said I was sorry and she said not to worry about it and we hung out with them all night.

The guys wanted to go to a recording studio to hear a live demo of something (Cake had recorded 2 albums there, and Green Day recorded Insomniac there), but I wanted to take a bath, so I said I would meet up with them. Turns out the studio was not in the best neighborhood. As I got closer, I heard, "Hey. Hey Girl!" and saw two sketchy dudes trying to get my attention. I walked faster and they followed me for a while until I FINALLY reached the studio. We left after a while and walked through San Francisco's scariest neighborhood, where there were homeless people selling stolen merchandise and drug deals happening left and right.

We ended up grabbing a cab to a resturant Jon Day wanted to go to because they had a huge selection of good beer, and Rob and I both got the Kolbe beef burgers. (So good!)

This morning we went to the SFMOMA. My favorite exibit was "Man Leaning Against A Wall", which I didn't notice until Rob pointed it out to me. I turned around and went back to look.

There was an Asian guy about my height and maybe 27 leaning on a wall next to the standard museam plaque bearing the title of the piece and the materials used in it. "Human" was listed. I giggled. He didn't look at me. I moved closer. He shifted slightly. A woman stopped to look, too, and I laughed with her. The "art" ignored me. Rob said he laughed when I walked away.

I was mocked by art.